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Algorithms and Scheduling Techniques for Exascale Systems

Ali Moradi Alamdarloo No Comments

Exascale systems to be deployed in the near future will come with deep hierarchical parallelism, will exhibit various levels of heterogeneity, will be prone to frequent component failures, and will face tight power consumption constraints. The notion of application performance in these systems becomes multi-criteria, with fault-tolerance and power consumption metrics to be considered in addition to sheer compute speed. As a result, many of the proven algorithmic techniques used in parallel computing for decades will not be effective in Exascale systems unless they are adapted or in some cases radically changed. The Dagstuhl seminar “Algorithms and Scheduling Techniques for Exascale Systems” was aimed at sharing open problems, new results, and prospective ideas broadly connected to the Exascale problem. This report provides a brief executive summary of the seminar and lists all the presented material.

Seminar 15.–20. September, 2013 – www.dagstuhl.de/13381